Book Review: Copping a Sweetest Day Feel

Copping a Sweetest Day Feel

Andrew Grey

(For those of you new to Dreamspinner Press books, they use a generic cover for most short stories, so that is the right cover posted above.)

Trying to finish his latest story before it’s time to leave on vacation, David snaps at his lover Peter for interrupting his train of thought just when the words are flowing.  He feels even more guilty when he finds Peter has prepared a special dinner for him, complete with a Sweetest Day cake – and David doesn’t even consider Sweetest Day a real holiday.  But after nearly twenty years together, David knows just how to make things up to Peter….

This is a short story rather than a novel — but as it was available as an eBook, I’ll give it a book review.  🙂

Copping a Sweetest Day Feel is short and sweet.  Given its brevity, we don’t get a lot of time to get to know the characters, but we get enough glimpses to know that they relationship they have is rock solid and full of love.  I found the premise a touch weak, given that it revolves around one person being impatient with the other, but I found its true strength lies in the solidity of David and Peter’s relationship.

After being together for almost two decades, these two men know each other.  They know the moods, habits, rituals, attitudes, and thoughts of each other.  Underneath it all, they love each other deeply.

I found this short story, despite being so brief and merely a toe in the water, had something a lot of gay romance stories lack — that rock-solid foundation of love.  The reader KNOWS that these two men love each other with all their heart, soul, and mind.  That love, commitment, and union shines through in every sentence.

Being an erotic romance, there was an extended sex scene that was sort of halfway graphic.  The description of this scene, with its focus on emotions and connection, suited the relationship perfectly.  After a committed relationship of that length (or even of a shorter length, as I’ve found from personal experience), coming together for sex is not always about the physical — it often becomes about the connection, the emotional, and the spiritual.  In the sex, David and Peter know each other inside out, there is joy and comfort in their coming together, and an unshakeable love courses through everything.

Copping a Sweetest Day Feel was short, but it managed to capture something not often seen in longer romantic fiction.



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3 responses to “Book Review: Copping a Sweetest Day Feel

  1. ThornQueen

    I recently downloaded this via DreamSpinner Press as well, but is that the whole story? I’ve been searching for hours seeing if there were other chapters that didn’t download.
    Have to say I’m disappointed if that’s the case. I really got into the storyline, and BAMM sounds like it’s all over. This had so much potential. I have looked on his website, but the book wasn’t listed, so I’m slightly confused.

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