Sunrise in Pinawa

You may or may not have noticed my Twitter feed on the right hand side of this page.  Among the many things I cross-post there are my two Tumblr blogs — one is full of smutty pictures, and the other is full of travel pictures.  Global Scrapbook, the travel pics blog I run with a co-blogger, features photos from around the world taken by my co-blogger and myself on our various journeys.

This photo of a sunrise in Pinawa, Manitoba, came up as a pic yesterday.  This is one of mine, taken in the very early hours of the morning while attending a conference in the small Manitoba town about two and a half years ago.  Pinawa’s an interesting place, full of non-timid deer.  Like, seriously.  The freaking deer are all over the place and don’t run away.

Anyway, this small lake and dock were just behind the retreat centre the conference was at.  I took a few pics, but I think this is the first to appear on Global Scrapbook.

If you enjoy photos from around the world, I encourage you to check out Global Scrapbook.  As the blog develops, there will be photos and postcards from every continent except Antarctica.  (I’m trying to recall if we have photos from Africa, or just postcards.  I’ve not been to Africa, but I can’t remember if my co-blogger has or not.)  Every other continent has been visited by either myself or my co-blogger.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this other side of me and my online presence!


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