The electronic ink has recently dried, so it’s now confirmed… I have a publishing contract!

My contemporary gay erotic romance, Autumn Fire, was picked up by Champagne Books and will be published under their Carnal Passions line.  Their M/M romance line is rather small, but impressive.  Among others, my book will appear alongside those of L.A. Witt, a genre favourite.

My first step now is to edit.  My editor has asked to go through and clean it up before we begin the formal editing process.  From there, my understanding is that there will be a few back-and-forths with edits between my editor and myself.  And, after that, well… I’ll see… I think it then goes to the line editor, who reads through it to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  From there, I think it heads into the actual publishing process.

Champagne Book is primarily an eBook publisher, though they do physical prints of a number of their titles.  Autumn Fire will be released digitally, which is really the future of the publishing world.  And, really, the future is already here if the massive sales of eBooks and eReaders is any indication.

Over the next several months I’ll blog from time to time on how the publishing process works.  I’ve always found it fascinating and somewhat mysterious.  Now, I’ll be neck-deep in it.

One exciting development is my publishing date.  I’ve often heard that it’s a year, minimum, from the date a publisher accepts a manuscript to when it’s available for purchase.  Well, due to schedule openings, Autumn Fire is being released in July 2013 — six months from now!



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2 responses to “Success!

  1. Congrats and good luck! Trust me, selling a book to a publisher never gets old, whether you’ve sold your first or tenth or fiftieth. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I’m hoping that I get to that 50th sale at some point!

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