2013 – A year of new projects!

Greetings world!

I’ve penetrated the blogosphere!

My name is Cameron D James and I’m on a journey toward eventual publication in gay erotic romance.  I’m currently giving my manuscript a deep and thorough edit, after which I will give it another deep and thorough edit, before I approach an agent or publisher.

On this WordPress blog, I hope to discuss my thoughts on reading and writing.  As I edit my book, I find I’m learning a lot and maybe sharing my experiences will be helpful to other authors out there — I know that I used to voraciously read blogs about writing, agenting, and publishing.  I plan to post my book reviews here, as well.  I currently post all of my reviews on my Tumblr account, amongst all the gay smut that I re-tumble.  I’m not sure if I’ll move the reviews completely to here or just post them in both places… I’ll see how things go.

The official launch of this blog will be in the first week or two of January 2013 and posts will probably happen every couple weeks or so.  This intro post is simply a way of committing myself to the project.

As I continue to update and personalize my blog, my web presence should become more integrated.  For now, if you would like to connect with me on other sites, I can be found on:

I look forward to interacting with this segment of the web and seeing the opportunities available here!



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